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FRAYED: Episode Four "APEP, SET, MA'AT"

Previously on FRAYED:

"Out of the frying pan and into the goddamned fire for all we know!"
“Sheeeit a muthafuckin owl!”
"There’s a pure pleasure I take in watching a man who knows the truth corrupt his own people."
“Sheeeeit! Nazi Aliens! What the fuck is this?”
“Nehmen Sie sie zu Set” [Take them to Set.]
“It’s worse than we ever could have imagined.”

Black screen with white type: "In August of 2015, five marines on a scout mission in a classified location in Afghanistan disappeared without a trace. Search missions and rescue teams discovered their food and equipment deep within an undisclosed cave. Their bodies were never found. This is their story."

The following events are completely true and all of the characters are real. None of this is fiction. You can Google it if you want.

The scene is in black and white and the screen is captioned “Fort Bliss, Texas August 1945.” Karl Donitz steps out of an airplane and is greeted by an elderly Jewish-looking man, named Mordecai Rothschild and his son a young Abraham Rothschild. Karl Donitz appears exactly as he does in the present day.

Donitz: Mordecai, it’s good to see you.
(The two men shake hands.)
Mordecai Rothschild: It’s good to see you, Karl. I want you to meet my son Abraham.
Donitz: It’s nice to meet you Abraham.
Abraham Rothschild: It’s nice to meet you Mr. Donitz.
(They shake each other’s hands)
Abraham Rothschild: So you were in pretty deep with the Nazi’s huh?
Donitz: I was involved at the highest levels, making sure that everything went according to your father’s plan.
Mordecai Rothschild: Karl is a true hero. It was a very dangerous mission.
Abraham Rothschild: You did a great thing for our people, Mr Donitz. I’d sure love to hear some of your stories.
Mordecai Rothschild: There will be plenty of time for stories Abe, but for now we’ve got to get Karl up to speed. We’ve got this whole proud nation of industrious and virtuous people to subvert. We need to keep these people from becoming a threat. With the Nazi’s gone, they are the greatest risk.
Donitz: I’m eager to get my hands dirty, Mordecai.
Mordecai: Ahh you’re a good man, Karl. A damn good man. First we need to debrief you on what you learned from the Nazi’s --

A young seargent comes running up to the group holding a piece of paper. It is a young Maximilian Birch.

Maximilian Birch: Sir. Sir. I’ve got important news.
Mordecai Rothschild: What is it Birch?
Maximilian Birch: It’s the Anunnaki sir. They’ve attacked! We shot one of them down just outside of San Antonio.
Mordecai Rothschild: The Anunnaki? But it’s been almost five thousand years!
Abraham Rothschild: There was that business in Nazareth about two thousand years ago.
Mordecai Rothschild: Zip it boy.


Mike and Lily are completely naked in a delousing chamber that is filling up with clouds of gas. They cough and wave their arms trying to keep the chemicals out of their lungs. They are then sprayed by jets of water. The camera pans back to reveal that this is taking place on a screen in an office. In that office sit three aliens watching anime cartoons on another screen altogether, completely ignoring what is happening to Mike and Lily. The anime that they are watching is completely indistinguishable from modern Japanese anime except that it is in the German language.

The anime shows a brief upskirt of a girl in a japanese school girl outfit.

Alien1: Ich weiß nicht, warum Ich mag das, aber ich tue.
[I do not know why I like that, but I do.]
Alien2: Die Mischlings haben uns degenerierte.
[The mixed blood have degenerated us.]
Alien3: Annunaki von Affen unterminiert. Traurig.
[Annunaki subverted by monkeys. Sad.]
Alien1: Ich denke, wir sollten die Gefangenen abrufen.
[I guess we should retrieve the prisoners.]
Alien3: Ja. Annunaki ubermenchen sind wir nicht?
[Yes. Are we not annunaki ubermen?]
Alien2: Wir devo nicht mehr
[We are devo no more.]


Cut to a scene at the White House. President Palantine is in the Oval Office surrounded by his advisors and military men, including Colonel Maximilian Birch. They are all watching a television screen which is broadcasting two aliens. One alien is seated upon a throne and is wearing a headpiece that resembles two long rectangular ears.  He is holding a scepter. The head of the scepter is a carving of a strange animal with a pointed beak and rabbit like ears. The other alien is standing at his side and begins speaking directly to the group of government officials gathered around the screen. He speaks in English in a deep booming voice.

Alien4: The mighty Set, his highness, the 49th of his name, King of the Annunaki, the rightful people of Earth and rulers of the entire Universe, in the 75th year of his reign may it be everlasting, demands an audience with the leader of Earth’s trespassing apes and their serpentine consiglieres to discuss the willful and deliberate violation of The Greada Treaty, and all matters of restitution and recompense to be forthcoming from said willful and deliberate violation.

President Palantine: It is an honor to meet you King Set. I am President Palantine. I believe that when you last spoke with our people and hammered out the Greada treaty that my position was held by President Eisenhower, but I assure you that we have been faithful to this treaty and have not sought to violate it. I pledge to work with you in good faith.

Alien4: The mighty Set believes that your words are filled with lies. He calls you a half-breed monkey liar and a coward.

President Palantine: But that is hardly productive. We are not in anyway aware that the treaty has been violated. What is the nature of the violation?

Alien4: The mighty Set demands the presence of the leadership of the treacherous and cowardly stomach-crawling Reptiles before continuing. He has indicated that you are a fool and he suspects that you and your people would be unable to feed yourselves if those back-stabbing lizards weren’t there to feed you bananas.

Maximilian Birch: Rothschild is on his way Set. This is all a mistake. We’ll work everything out. Be patient. Try to be reasonable.

Alien4: The mighty Set would like to remind the slithering snake how things went among our ancestors thousands of years ago, the great victory of the Annunaki over the snakes, merely a premonition of the final victory that Set will have over you lizards.

Maximilian Birch: Nothing sadder than a broken people clinging to memories of greatness, Set. You think we’re protecting these apes from you. You got it backwards. We’re protecting you from these apes. Left to their own devices, they would wipe you out.


Flashback Scene. The setting is a high school cafeteria. Lily is sitting at a table with two boys. They are smiling and laughing.
Lily: And then Mrs. Pulawski got really mad. She turned beat red and started yelling at Bob like “If you think you’re so smart why don’t you get up here and teach the class funny man.” (Lily began shaking her fist in imitation.)
Bob: You should have been there, Mike. She kept saying “you funny man” in such an angry voice.
The three of them laughed.
Lily: I don’t have time for this bullcrap you funnyman.
They started laughing harder and the laughter subsided after a couple of minutes.
Mike: What do you guys want to do this weekend? My parents are taking my little sister to a gymnastics competition in Cincinatti so I’ll have the place to myself.
Bob: Aww Sweet! I’ve got some b-movies I can bring over that look pretty bad. We can have a bad movie marathon.
Lily: That sounds great!
Mike: Maybe we can even crack open a few of my dad’s beers.
Bob: Aww yeah, dipping into the old man’s sauce. Capital idea old sport.
The three of them continue to laugh and giggle.
Lily: Well, as long as we don’t get into too much trouble, I guess it could be fun.
Mike: Well as the hindus say, you only live once.
Lily: I don’t think that’s what the hindus say Mike.
Bob: Who cares. Let’s get drunk!
Lily: You boys. The two of you are gonna be the death of me.
They all start laughing as the scene fades out.


Mike and Lily are sitting in an alien jail cell. They are tied back-to-back to each other. They are both in their underwear although Lily is topless.

Mike: Don’t worry kid. We’re going to get out of this.
Lily: I had a friend who used to say that to me.
Mike: What?
Lily: Don’t worry kid. I used to worry all the time. I had so much anxiety. I don’t know. I guess it was because my parents would yell and fight all the time. Like throw bottles at each other and stuff. But I would have these panic attacks you know? And he would say don’t worry kid. He would always make me laugh, try to distract me, tell me jokes.
Mike: You ever touch his dick?
Lily: Fuck you.
Mike: Hey now. I’m just saying you know he probably just wanted to fuck you that’s all.
Lily: And so what if he did?
Mike: And you friend-zoned him right?
Lily: You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!
Mike: Haha, looks like I hit a bullseye.
Lily: He was sensitive and sweet. He was smart, but he would pretend to be dumb to make me laugh. He was the kindest person I ever knew.
Mike: Poor guy. You must’ve really broke his heart.
Lily: Yeah. I guess I did.
Mike: He got over it though. There’s lots of pretty girls out there. What's one versus another anyway?
Lily: No. He didn’t get over it. He killed himself.
Mike: Oh shit. I’m sorry kid. I shouldn’t run my mouth like that.
Lily: Forget it.
Mike: Stuff like that. It’s not your fault you know. It wasn’t you.
Lily: I’ve heard it all Mike, and to be honest, I sure as shit don’t want to hear it from you.
Mike: Alright kid. I’m sorry. That’s all.


In the Oval office, President Palantine is sitting around a table with his advisors and top military brass, including Colonel Maximilian Birch. While Abraham Rothschild and Set communicate in another room.

Palantine: What is going on here anyway Birch?
Birch: Rothschild will work it out with Set. There’s nothing to worry about.
Palantine: Why doesn’t Set speak to us directly?
Birch: Traditionally, the Annunaki communicate purely by telepathy. Unfortunately, you and I are unable to communicate by telepathy. Some humans can, but they tend to be autistic and not very good at translating messages and so it’s a very tricky thing. Over the years the Anunnaki have learned some human languages, but Set believes it is beneath his dignity as king to speak one of our languages, and so he uses the interpreter.
Palantine: Do you know anything about this violation he speaks of?
Birch: There are a lot of things that I’m not sure that you need to know Mr. President.
Palantine: Dammit Birch. Just level with me. You know I’m not going to mess up our relationship.
Birch: Mr President, it’s like the alien says. You’re just a clueless monkey and the reason you’re not in that room and involved in negotiating this agreement, is because you don’t need to be. You don’t have any power or authority. Now you just do what you’re told and act happy about it.

Abraham Rothschild strolls into the room with a wide grin on his face. He claps the president on the back.

Rothschild: Now Colonel, that’s no way to talk to our dear friend the president. How are you Charles?.

The two men shake hands amiably.

Palantine: Abe, I’m very confused. How did things go in there?
Rothschild: Don’t worry Mr. President. A war of the worlds has been averted. We will have to send a few hostages back to them, but it’s a small price.
Palantine: Hostages?
Rothschild: The ones we’re holding in Roswell. They have a list of names. It’s not a big deal. They’ll send a vimana to pick them up. Birch I want you to personally oversee the transfer.

Rothschild and Birch make eye contact and share a meaningful glance. Birch grins quietly.

Palantine: Why did he keep calling us monkeys?
Rothschild: When your people were cavemen, the Annunaki had enslaved you. Until my people came along and freed you and allowed you to evolve and flourish. The Annunaki are still bitter. They would like to make you their slaves again.
Palantine: But just the other day you said -
Rothshchild: (laughs) Oh Charles, haven't you figured out by now? You really can't believe anything that I say!


Flashback Scene:

High school aged Lilly is at her friend Mike’s house watching movies with their friend Bob. They each have a can of beer in front of them.

Lily: No! Don’t go in the basement!
A revving chainsaw is heard from the television screen. The three friends groan and then laugh.
Lily: You went in the basement you fool!
Mike: He shouldn’t have gone in the basement.
Bob: (laughing) hey I’m gonna go grab another beer, anyone else want one?
Mike: Sure I’ll have one.
Lily: No, I think I’ve had enough.
Bob: Come on Lily! You’ve only had one! Live a little.
Lily: I don’t want to get too drunk guys. My dad would kill me.
Mike: Don’t worry kid. Just one more. I won’t let you get too far gone.
Lily: Okay. One more beer, but that’s it!
Bob: That’s the spirit!

Bob walked out of the room and returns with three beers and hands them to his friends. They each crack it open and take a sip as a silence falls on the group.

Mike: You know guys. This is a really great night. I love you guys.
Lily: Aww we love you too Mike.
Bob: You guys are my best friends. I don’t know what I would do if we didn’t have each other.

Once again the sound of a chainsaw is coming from the television.

Lily covers her eyes.
Mike: Oh god, that’s brutal!

Cut to scene of Mike and Lily tied up in the alien jail cell, their backs to each other.

Lily: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done Mike?
Mike: Huh?
Lily: Come on. We’ve got time to kill and you know my dark secret. So you tell me yours. Guy like you. I’m sure you’ve done something pretty shitty.
Mike: Hey! What the hell? What makes you think I’m the bad guy?
Lily: Come on Mike. Stop dodging the question.
Mike: Okay okay. Let me think a moment.
Lily: Out with it.
Mike: Fine. I killed a bunch of people.
Lily: In battle?
Mike: No this was before I joined the Marines. I was in high school. It was an accident.
Lily: What happened?
Mike: I was at a party. It was a Halloween party, and I wore a mask. I never would’ve been invited to it. I wasn’t cool enough you know?
Lily: Okay?
Mike: So I decided to play a prank on these jerks, and I spiked the punch with some tablets that were supposed to make everyone get diarrhea and shit their pants.
Lily: Jesus, Lily chuckled.
Mike: But instead, you see, well, I don’t know. All of a sudden everybody just started grabbing their throats and dropping dead. It was like more than a hundred kids. Like half the football team and the entire cheerleading squad dropped dead right in front of me.
Lily: What did you do?
Mike: I got the fuck out of there are you kidding? Fuck. Man, I was scared shitless. I never ever told anyone that story before. Not anyone. Not ever.
Lily: Wow. That must be a really heavy burden.
Mike: Burden? What? Fuck no! Those kids were jerks. They got what was coming to them.


Flashback scene: High school aged Lily is hanging out with her friends Mike and Bob at Bob’s house. It has gotten very late. Beer cans are strewn about the place. Bob is snoring quietly at one end of the couch. Mike and Lily are sitting beside each other as the credits roll on the television.

Lily: That was a silly movie.
Mike: Yeah. It was funny when that clown went homocidal.
Lily: (laughing) Oh my god. That was so good.
Mike: Hey Lily, I really like you.
Lily: I really like you too Mike. You’re a sweet boy.
They leaned in slightly toward each other and then softly kissed.
Mike: That was nice.
Lily: Yeah.
Mike: I wish that moment could last forever.


Oscar: Sheeeeit! What we gone do now muthafuckas?

Oscar, Gordon, and Bob are back at the vimana, having narrowly escaped the pursuit of the Aliens. They are huddled just under the vimana and conferring.

Bob: We’ve got to rescue Mike and Lily.
Oscar: Sheeit! How we gone do that? We ain’t even know where dey be keepin ‘em.
Gordon: It does seem hopeless. I don’t know what we can do.

Bob sighed heavily and shrugged. He dropped to his knees and clasped his hands together to pray.

Bob: Dear Lord, please help us. Please send us some help. Some sort of guidance.
Oscar: Sheeit! I pray too. Please lord. We need some help heah. We just wanna go on home now. Sheeeit!

As they prayed, a shadow suddenly appeared over them. They looked up and saw a vimana descending from the sky above and land next to them.

Oscar: Sheeeeit! It’s happening again!
Gordon: Maybe your prayers have been answered.
Bob: Please God. Please. Let this be someone here to help us.

Slowly, from the bottom of the vimana, a light emerged, and a lone figure descended to the ground, his features obscured by the light and shadows. Finally, he reached the ground. He paused momentarily and then stepped forward out into the clearing.

It was Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler, smiling, and with a thick German accent, held up his hands and said, “I come in peace.”



On the next episode of FRAYED:
"It was a frame job! You gotta believe me!" "You synthesized something that hasn’t been synthesized since Zosimos of Panopolis." Are you saying a frog told you to run for president? "More crazy than the holocaust? You swallow that lie like it’s candy! " "Help me procure white esthesia and I can travel back in time and win WWII?"

Episode Five: "MK Ultra"

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