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FRAYED: Episode Five "MK Ultra"

Episode Five: DEUS VULT

Previously on FRAYED:

- So you were in pretty deep with the Nazi’s huh?
- Don’t worry Mr. President. A war of the worlds has been averted.
- Why did he keep calling us monkeys?
- Please God. Please. Let this be someone here to help us.
- I come in peace.

Black screen with white type: "In August of 2015, five marines on a scout mission in a classified location in Afghanistan disappeared without a trace. Search missions and rescue teams discovered their food and equipment deep within an undisclosed cave. Their bodies were never found. This is their story."

The following events are completely true and all of the characters are real. None of this is fiction. You can Google it if you want.

Karl Donitz is sitting across the table from Gordon in a conference room. Gordon is wearing prison garb and his hands are handcuffed together.

Donitz: The girl is still in a coma. She may never wake up. It’s very sad. Her parents are devastated.
Gordon: I…
Donitz: Don’t talk just yet, son. Just listen.
Gordon: Ok. I just…
Donitz: You did something very extraordinary. Two things actually.
Gordon: Well I…
Donitz: Now just listen. First, you hacked into secure CIA computers and accessed some classified documents. You didn’t think I knew that did you?
Gordon: No.
Donitz: Now this took extraordinary skill. It’s really quite unbelievable. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible to tell you the truth. These were the most secure computer files the world has ever known. Many many people have tried to breach them. Many many people. Many very skilled people. But we had the best. Or we used to think so.
Gordon: I’m sorry.
Donitz: I’m not mad, Gordon. Do you even know what you saw?
Gordon: The MK Ultra program.
Donitz: (Chuckles) Yes and no, Gordon. The MK Ultra files have been all over the internet for years. You weren’t trying to verify an urban legend. What were you looking for? What did you find?
Gordon: Recipes.
Donitz: Yes you did. You found one that looked very interesting didn’t you?
Gordon: Yes.
Donitz: And yet you modified it?
Gordon: I’ve been synthesizing LSD for years. I have my own recipe. I just thought it would be interesting if I…
Donitz: It was interesting, Gordon. This is the second extraordinary thing that you have done. You synthesized something that hasn’t been synthesized since Zosimos of Panopolis. A lost technology if you will.
Gordon: What?
Donitz: The ancients called it the blood of the gods. Don’t feel bad for that girl Gordon. Her mind has gone to a beautiful place. Someday I would like to go there myself.
Gordon: But how?
Donitz: Did you try the drug Gordon?
Gordon: Yes.
Donitz: It was beautiful wasn’t it?
Gordon: Yes. It was amazing. But why did I wake up if she didn’t?
Donitz: You were called back, Gordon. You’re a very special person. You were called back for a reason. We need you. We want to harness your talents. We want to train you.
Gordon: Train me to do what?

Hitler steps out of the shadows of his vimana.

Hitler: I come in peace.
Oscar: Sheeeit. Adolf fucking Hitler!
Gordon: Holy shit! Is this for real?
Oscar: Fucking 6 million Jews. Sheeeit.
Hitler: That was a frame job! You’ve got to believe me!
Gordon: A frame job?
Hitler: There’s no time to explain. You need my help. And I need yours.
Bob: How can you help us?
Hitler: I have an alliance with the Annunaki. They will release your friends to me.
Gordon: How do you even know about our friends?
Hitler: You wouldn’t understand and if I tried to explain it you’d think I was crazy.
Oscar: Sheeeit! I already think you crazy WWII startin’ muthafucka.
Hitler: Foolish propaganda! WWII was a war between human beings and reptiles and the reptiles won!
Gordon: What about the death camps?
Hitler: Death camps? Lies I tell you! Reptilian lies! I was infiltrated and betrayed!
Bob: How can we trust you Adolf Hitler?
Hitler: You have no choice! Not if you ever want to see your friends again!


In a German bunker near the end of WWII.

Adolf Hitler: I’ve been betrayed. I’ve been stabbed in the back.
Constanze Manziarly: The reptiles have outsmarted us.
Albert Borman: There’s still hope mein Fuhrer.
Adolf Hitler: Nein. They’ve got Ava. They’re closing in. It’s over. There’s only one chance.
Constanze Manziarly: Himmler has made contact with the Vrils.
Albert Borman: Do you think it will work?
Adolf Hitler: It has to. I must go.
Constanze Manziarly: The entrance is in Antarctica. The Vrils have built a vimana. It’s our only hope.
Albert Borman: May God bless you Adolf Hitler. May your mission succeed.
Adolf Hitler: Fear not my friends. I will make this journey. And I will travel back in time and win this war on behalf of humanity and wipe the reptiles off of the face of the earth. Sieg Heil!
Constanze Manziarly: Sieg Heil!
Albert Borman: Sieg Heil!


Bob, Gordon, and Oscar are inside of a vimana with Hitler and they are travelling to meet with the Annunaki.

Gordon: I can’t believe we’re doing this!
Oscar: Sheeit! At least you’re white. I feel like I’m about to get thrown in an oven.
Hitler: Oh puhlease! Don’t be so dramatic! Here let me show you guys something.

A screen on the vimana shows the countryside below. They see a rocky field where many human beings  of ambiguous sexuality with blank vacant stares are working with picks and axes, and loading gold rocks onto a platform attached to a vehicle.

Bob: Holy shit! It’s people.
Mike: But are they trannies?
Hitler: Clones actually. The Annunaki have been abducting humans from earth, studying them and  taking their DNA. They clone them and enslave the clones, feeding them flouride water and soybeans to control their minds and to keep them weak and effeminate.
Bob: And you have an alliance with them?
Hitler: I have no choice! Don’t you see that I need to keep them at war with the Reptiles so that I have a chance to fix things! If it wasn’t for me, those would be real abducted humans and not just clones!
Oscar: Sheeeit! But before you said you convinced them to invade earth and try to take the planet back you dirty muthafucka!
Hitler: I needed a distraction! It was your President Eisenhower, influenced by the Reptilians that agreed to let the annunaki enslave human clones!
Gordon: What are they digging?
Hitler: Gold. From which they produce goldwater. It’s what powers their vimanas.
Gordon: So the flying saucers are powered by goldwater?
Hitler: The annunaki’s are powered by goldwater. They are an intelligent species, but not the most advanced. That’s why they need human slaves to mine gold for them. Mine is powered by vril-ya. Yours is the prototype. It is powered by Deus Vult.
Gordon: The prototype?
Hitler: It was the first to appear in Unsere Welt. The Annunaki used it to back-engineer their vimanas and the Vrils used it to back-engineer mine. But Deus Vult can not be replicated. So a new source of power was needed.
Gordon: Oonser Velt?
Hitler: Ahh yes, I tend to use German when I say it. It means “our world” in English.
Bob: Wait wait wait! So you’re saying the Annunaki were already on earth when a flying saucer came? Who was on that flying saucer?
Hitler smirks smugly as the scene fades out.


Gordon in high school is dressed like a douchy raver kid wearing loud baggy clothes, oversized sunglasses, and a wacky visor through which his spiked hair protrudes. He is at a crowded club where dance music is blaring loudly in the background. His is talking to a blond girl named Beth who is wearing a bikini top and brightly colored acrylic shorts. She has a pacifier in her mouth. She takes it out as she approaches Gordon.

Gordon: What’s going on Beth?
Beth: The blind eye sees all! Let’s ride to the abbey of thelema!
Gordon (laughs): Listen. I made something new. It’s really dope. You wanna try it?
Beth: What is it?
Gordon: It’s some MK Ultra shit. CIA mind control drugs. They will show you crazy crazy shit. Show you the truth about other dimensions.
Beth: Have you tried it?
Gordon: Not yet.
Beth: Let’s do it!
They each take a tab and put it on their tongues as the image on the screen warps and begins to pulsate around them. Everything begins to swirl and pulsate as psychedelic patterns emerge and hundreds of swastikas spin overhead as the hallucinations begin.

A green lion is seen eating the sun, and flying saucers swirl through space. Gordon steps through a door and finds himself in a beautiful landscape of rich green vegetation. Soft music is playing and he watches as a blonde couple hold hands and frolic together playfully in the nude. He turns to Beth and says “this is paradise,” but no sound escapes from his lips. A white unicorn walks up to them and Beth pets it. It lowers it’s head and she climbs on it’s back and then it flies off. Gordon smiles as he waves and Beth disappears into the sky with the unicorn. Gordon wanders off to a waterfall and bathes himself in it. He smiles as the water pours over him.


Mike and Lilly are still tied up back to back in prison wearing only their underwear.

Lilly: We’ve got to figure a way to bust out of here.
Mike: I think if we work our wrists I can get one of my hands free.

The door to the cell opens, and an alien enters. He speaks in English.

Alien: Ok, now time to go.
Mike: What? What’s going on?
Alien: We’re releasing you to your friends.
Mike: Just like that?
Alien: Set was going to send you and your friends back to your own world in exchange for some POW’s in Roswell that your government still holds, but Hitler convinced him that that wasn’t such a good idea. I guess Hitler has bigger plans for you all.
Lily: Hitler? Did you say Hitler?


Gordon is still in the throes of his hallucinations. He is floating on a rainbow, gliding happily through the air with a grin on his face. Colors distort around him. He floats up to a cold grey rock in the sky covered in multi-hued crystals. He looks around in wide-eyed awe. A man with a frog’s head steps out of the darkness. He is holding a staff with a black glowing orb at the end.

Gordon: Who are you?
Kek: My name is Kek.
Gordon: Where am I?
Kek: You are dancing in a club.
Gordon: No I’m here. I’m talking to you.
Kek: Only your mind is here.
Gordon: What am I doing here?
Kek: Do you want to go back?
Gordon: I don’t know. What else is out there?
Kek: All of the secrets.
Gordon: Do you live here?
Kek: I come and I go. I’m the god of happenings.
Gordon: Whoa! You’re god?
Kek: I am sending you back.
Gordon: But why?
Kek: I want to see what happens.

Kek touches Gordon with his staff.

Kek: Come with me.


Lily and Mike are reunited with Bob, Oscar, and Gordon in a hangar filled with vimanas. Lily and Bob hug. Mike eyes them jealously as he and Oscar and Gordon greet each other.

Lily (eyes Hitler): What is going on here?
Bob shrugs: I wish I could tell you.
Oscar: Sheeeit. Let me introduce you to our pal Adolf Hitler.
Mike: I never believed you died in that bunker.
Hitler: That is right. I faked my own death and escaped in a vimana.
Mike: Right. Of course.
Hitler: I have helped you and now I need your help.
Mike: Just wait a minute there Genocide Jack. The aliens told us that they were about to send us back to earth, but that you convinced them that that is a bad idea.
Hitler: It is a bad idea! If you go back to earth now, the Reptilians will surely win!
Lily: The Reptilians?
Bob shrugs: I don’t know what to believe anymore.
Hitler: The Reptilians are keeping humanity from achieving our full potential. They know that through eugenics we can achieve a Hyperborean state and overthrow their rule.
Oscar: Sheeeit! That’s crazy.
Hitler: Listen. We have time to talk this over back at your ship. Just hear me out. I will convince you to help me travel back in time so that I can win WWII and save unsere welt from the Reptilians. If I can’t convince you, then I will show you how to go back home. Deal?
Bob: That’s a deal, Adolf Hitler.

The two men shake hands.


Gordon finds himself floating through a dark sky illuminated by stars of spinning swastikas. He gradually ascends higher and higher, until he finds himself emerging through a thin layer of film, and then he finds himself back at the rave in the warehouse. Spinning swastikas are everywhere, but then they disappear. He blinks one time, and looks around. He is lying on the floor. Beth is next to him and she is having a seizure. There is a crowd gathered around them. Paramedics come rushing through the crowd. Gordon sits up.

Gordon: What’s going on?

The paramedics begin treating Beth.


In Washington DC, eccentric Silicon Valley billionaire Kim Fonda is holding a press conference where he has announced that his company is unveiling a new smartphone. He is surrounded by reporters.

Kim Fonda: In addition I would also like to announce today, my intent to run for the office of the presidency as an independent.

The reporters begin to murmur and to yell out questions.

Kim Fonda: For too long, our two parties have given us shabby choices, and not much of a choice at all to be honest. Both parties offer the same policies that benefit the same people and do nothing to grow our economy and create jobs.

The reporters are in a frenzy trying to ask questions.

Kim Fonda: I’ve just returned from a long vacation in Antarctica. I met a lot of interesting people in Antarctica. I’ve become aware of advanced civilizations. I know that we are not meeting our full potential as a people. We must do everything we can so that the best among us can reach the very highest pinnacles, and we must not allow ourselves to be held back. There is no limit to what we can accomplish. And that is why I will finance my own campaign. I will not be beholden to special interests who would like to keep us in the mire for their own selfish gain!

Reporter: Mr Fonda! Mr Fonda! Have you hired a campaign staff yet?

Kim Fonda: I have not yet hired a campaign staff. I only recently came to the decision to run. Like I said I met some people in Antarctica who really helped me to realize that we aren’t reaching our full potential who really helped me to realize that there are real obstacles in the way of our greatness.

Reporter: Is it true you were lost in the Antarctic wilderness for several weeks.

Kim Fonda: I wasn’t lost exactly. No. I did have quite an adventure let me tell you. I became very close to nature. I was like Henry David Thoreau up there. (laughs) By the way, did you know that they have frogs up in Antarctica?

Reporter: Frogs?

Kim Fonda: Yeah frogs. I didn’t know there were frogs in Antarctica. But I saw one. A lot of owls too. It was funny though, there was this one frog, that sort of startled me one day, it caused me to look up and I happened to see an old magazine article about Henry Ford’s 1924 run for the presidency, and I thought, well gee, maybe I ought to run. After all, I have the resources and I really know what this country needs.

Reporter: Are you saying a frog told you to run for president?

Kim Fonda (laughs): It was providence. It was kismet not kermit.
The reporters laugh.

Reporter: Do you think you have a good chance to win?

Kim Fonda: I do think so. I think I will win. I think it’s God’s will.

The reporters yell out more questions.


Abraham Rothschild is in his private jet with Colonel Maximilian Birch. They are planning to fly down to Roswell, New Mexico, where they expect to meet the returning Marines. They have just finished watching Kim Fonda’s press conference on a small television screen.

Abraham Rothschild: What do you think that’s all about?
Maximilian Birch: I don’t know, but it can’t be good.
Abraham Rothschild: There aren’t frogs in Antarctica are there?
Maximilian Birch: No I don’t believe there are.
Abraham Rothschild: It’s Kek up to his tricks again.
Maximilian Birch: Kek helped us overthrow the Israelites back in Egypt.
Abraham Rothschild: That was then. He doesn’t love us. He loves chaos.
Maximilian Birch: Do you think Fonda can win?
Abraham Rothschild: Not after we’re through with him. I wonder what he got up to in Antarctica.
Maximilian Birch: Do you think he found the entrance to the hollow earth?
Abraham Rothschild: If he did then he’s a threat.
Maximilian Birch: We’ll have to destroy him.
Abraham Rothschild: You know Max. I have six good friends. And all of the media companies in this country are owned by those six good friends of mine.
Both men laugh smugly and heartily.


Karl Donitz is sitting across the table from Gordon in a conference room. Gordon is wearing prison garb and his hands are handcuffed together.

Gordon: And if I decide I don’t want any training?
Karl Donitz: Then there’s nothing I can do for you. You spend the rest of your life in prison.
Gordon: And if I agree?
Karl Donitz: You sign this enrollment form and we walk out of here today. Your mom tucks you in and gives you your kiss goodnight and we fly to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in the morning.
Gordon: The Cheyenne Mountain Complex?
Karl Donitz: For starters. There’s a lot you don’t know about the world Gordon. We’re going to rely on you to keep some very big secrets.
Gordon: Like aliens and stuff?
Karl Donitz: Sign the form Gordon.


Hitler and the five marines are gathered beneath their vimana. Hitler has explained to Gordon how many of the controls work, but much of the craft is still a mystery.

Hitler: So will you help me? Help me procure white esthesia and I can travel back in time and win WWII?
Bob: I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m just not sure that that’s such a great idea.
Mike: No offense Uncle Adolf, but this story about Reptilians sounds pretty crazy.
Hitler: More crazy than the holocaust? You swallow that lie like it’s candy!
Lily: We just want to go home.
Hitler: But you are soldiers! What is the matter with you? Why are you so soft?
Oscar: Sheeit man. I didn’t sign up for this shit.
Gordon: You’ve been very helpful Hitler, but I just don’t think we have the same goals.
Bob: You said you could help us get home?
Oscar: Sheeeit. Don’t you know you cain truss Hitler!
Hitler: Why are you talking like that Oscar? What’s the matter with you?
Oscar: Sheeeit. Whatchu talkin bout Hitler?
Hitler: I know who you really are Oscar Combs.



On the next episode of FRAYED:

- Sheeeit! We really was kangz!
- We can not trust this man with the nuclear button. La Reconquista will continue apace.
- Oscar, I can’t tell you how proud your father and I were when we saw your acceptance letter to Harvard in the mail today.
- See guys. I’m not so bad.
- There will be no confusion. Tomorrow we violate the treaty. Tomorrow we invade.

Episode Six: "We Wuz Kangs!"

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