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(Deep Booming Voice) Previously on Frayed:

“Sheeeeit It Sho is dark in this muthafucka!”
“Are those… swastikas?”
“Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams”
“That was some crazy shit!.”
“What the fuck did we get ourselves into?”
“Well you better go to bed or the murmurers are going to come and take you away.”
“There’s something you guys don’t know.”
“Ekklesia… Ekklesia… Ekklesia”

Black screen with white type: "In August of 2015, five marines on a scout mission in a classified location in Afghanistan disappeared without a trace. Search missions and rescue teams discovered their food and equipment deep within an undisclosed cave. Their bodies were never found. This is their story."

The following events are completely true and all of the characters are real. None of this is fiction. You can Google it if you want.

Mike awakens in a jail cell. Bob and Lily are sitting atop adjoining bunks in the same cell.
Everything is bleak and grey, but for the shiny stainless steel bars trapping them. It is cold and damp in the prison. Mike shivers. In the adjoining cells are hundreds of young children between the ages of 6 and 9. Many of them are crying and calling out with pink wet eyes and high pitched wails. Mike hops off of his bunk. He grips the bars of the jail cell.

“What the hell is going on here? I want some answers! Goddammit.” Mike yells into the empty hallway of the prison.
Children wail in response.
“Get a hold of yourself,” Bob says calmly. “You’re not helping things.”
“And who the hell are you?” Mike demands wheeling upon Bob. “Who are you to tell me to do anything?”
“I’m the commanding officer.”
“Then have me court-martialled you fuck! You ain’t in command of shit! We’re a long fucking way from…”
“Mike please!” Lily interrupts. “We have to stick together.”
“Sorry toots, but I ain’t taking any more orders from that guy. He got us into this mess.”

Bob and Mike find themselves face to face, each standing erect, their chests puffed out, looking into each other’s eyes, menace showing in their postures and their expressions..

“Please! You two can fight later,” Lily says trying to come between the two men. “We all want to go home. We need to work together.”
“Lily’s right,” Bob says relaxing and turning away from Mike. “This is insane.”
Mike too relaxes his posture. “Sure. So what do we do now?”

At that moment, the door to the jail opens behind them. They turn to see three men at the door. The two guards abreast of the commandant are dressed in all black uniforms and are wearing armbands of interlocking S’s and black Prussian helmets with a spike emerging from the top. The commandant standing between the two guards is dressed in all grey uniform and wears a peaked cap with a red ribbon and a silver medallion. He also wears an armband with a symbol of interlocking S’s.

“I apologize for the brutalities of our intake procedures.” the commandante says primly and courteously. “In the normal course of things, we have little need to exercise the subtleties of hospitality at this facility. But please, come with me.”
“And why the hell should we do that?” Mike demands in reactionary anger.
“You want answers don’t you?” the commandant asks. “My name is Wiolant. I am in charge at this facility.”


Flashback Scene: In a high school hallway, Bob is dressed like a trench-coat wearing gothic kid. He has a younger and smaller boy pressed against a locker and has grabbed him by the front of his shirt.

Bob: I don’t like the looks of you kid. I think maybe I ought to rearrange your face. How would you like that?
Kid: Come on I didn’t do anything. Please just let me go.
Bob pushes the kid away with contempt: “You better just stay out of my way,” Bob threatens. “The next time I see you, I’ll fucking kill you.”

Bob walks away and a bell rings. While all of the other students make their way to class, Bob walks down the hallway and outside to the parking lot and finds a secluded spot behind the dumpster. He lights up a joint, and inhales deeply holding the smoke in his lungs for as long as he can before exhaling.

Bob spots a can of spray paint by the dumpster. He picks it up and writes some graffiti on the side of the school building. He spraypaints “Gas the kikes! Race War Now!” He also draws a big swastika. Bob sits back and looks at his graffiti and starts laughing.

“Fuck this place,” Bob says aloud to no one. He throws the can of spray paint in the dumpster.
“I’m gonna go play some video games,” he mutters to himself.


Bob, Lily, and Mike sit at a table. Wiolant, still standing and holding the back of an empty chair, is across from them.

“Would you care for any coffee, tea, juice?” Wiolant offers.

“No, Bob says, “we need to know your intentions first.”

“Well I simply must have my tea, three cubes of sugar, nice and sweet.” Wiolant says aloud as he meticulously prepares himself a cup of tea, swirling the spoon slowly before taking a sip. He sits in his chair opposite the three marines. He grins pleasantly.

“What’s with all of the children?” Lily asks.

“The children? Oh yes.” Wiolant begins and chuckles mirthlessly. “Well you see those children are all degenerates. They will be slaughtered.” He speaks matter of factly, in a flat even tone, and offers a pleasant tight-lipped grin, and a nod of the head as he says this.

“What?” Lily asks appalled.

Bob, Mike and Lily all looked aghast. They stare at Wiolent with a hard incredulity; speechless, but reproachful.

“What?” Wiolant asked enjoying the reaction of his guests, the corners of his mouth creeping up.

“How can children that young be degenerates?” Lily demands. “How can you possibly know that?”

“The owls know.” Wiolant says confidently, looking at the marines with an expression of confusion.

“What?” Mike spits emphatically more then asks, disdain naked on his face. “The owls?”

“The owls are the men who brought you here,” Wiolant declares. “It is said that they are like owls or that they see with owls eyes. Something like that. They are wise and mysterious. They watch with wide-eyed intensity, and they swoop down at night. They are blessed with gifts that neurotypicals like us can never really understand. I don’t know that I can describe the nature of their gifts, but it is said that they ‘chant out between two worlds.’”

“This is some kind of fucking nightmare,” Mike mutters shaking his head. “This is not fucking real.”

“Once upon a time, before we understood their gifts, the owls would snap and go on mass killing sprees. We did not understand. We would imprison them or they would end up dead in a standoff. But we understand them better now. They have helped us to cleanse our society of… undesirables… leeches… reptiles.”

“What are we even doing here?” Bob asks with obvious frustration.

“I was hoping that you could tell me,” Wiolant admits. “You are the ekklesia, yes?”

“That’s what those owls kept saying,” Bob responds evenly. “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t,” Wiolant continues. “The owls receive messages in unknown languages. They understand the messages, but they are unable to convey their meaning. All I know is that you are here for a reason. God has willed it. May it be done.”

“God willed it?” Mike asks with disgust. “There is no god you sick fuck!”

“You are from Minevelt?” Wiolant asks confused. “Things must have really gone to seed there?”


Flashback Scene: High-school aged Bob is back at home playing video games in the trailer park where he lives alone with his mother. He pauses the game to smoke a joint.

Bob’s mother stumbles into the room. She is obviously drunk and holding a bottle of vodka. “Bobby! Bobby!” she calls out.
“Yeah ma?”
“I need you to go to the store and buy me more cigarettes and tonic.”
“But ma, I’m trying to play this game.”
“Don’t you talk back to me you little bastard. I will kick you out on your ass. Now get me my smokes and tonic water.”
“Fuck you you dumb bitch!”
Bob’s mother smacks him upside the head and then begins battering him with a wooden spoon.
“What’d you call me? What’d you call me?” she calls out.
“Alright Alright,” Bob relents. “I’m sorry, ma. I’m going…”
Bob hustles out the door while she follows trying to hit him with the spoon. After he leaves she yells from the door of the trailer into the trailer park: “Ain’t you supposed to be in School?”


“According to our history books,” Wiolant begins, “a long time ago, our nation had become completely perverse and degenerate. We suffered the mob rule of democratic elections, and atomized individuals inflicted their perversity and suffering upon each other. It was bread and circuses. Immediate personal gratification justified itself. Citizenship was a joke. Everyone was a consumer. Women killed their own children in the womb. Men married other men. We became a proposition nation without borders and endless wars were fought for the benefit of an insular and corrupt elite who undermined their own people. Our history books were re-written by subversives. Our great founders became demons and scapegoats in our own national mythology. Statues were torn down and those who accomplished were called oppressors while the lazy and the foreign were hailed as oppressed. Every perversion and evil was celebrated in our entertainments. Men claimed to be women and were treated as such. We called these degenerates heros. We had no idea how miserable we were. We were poor in spirit and floundering, though we all pretended to be wealthy and happy. Then a great man arrived. He said he was from Minevelt and he showed us a new way.”

“You murder fucking children!” Mike exclaims.

“That’s terrible. It’s appalling!” Lily proclaims with wide-eyed horror.

“It is terrible isn’t it?” Wiolant says with wide eyed sincerity. “But I have to confess… I kind of enjoy it.”

“You’re disgusting!” Bob snarls. “How can you act like this is some kind of utopia?”

“Every happy and healthy society that has ever existed has shielded its people from the ugly things that have to be done to preserve that society,” Wiolant states coldly and flatly. “A society can only ever be a utopia for some. It is one for those good people you met yesterday. So innocent and wholesome. They are good people who love their king and they must be shielded from the terrible things that we have to do to keep them happy. Should those terrible things ever become known, I will be tried for my crimes and the king will have me beheaded. At all costs, we must preserve the innocence and happiness of the people. This is all done for them.”

“You do it because you like it!” Bob exclaims. “You sick fuck! You’re the degenerate!”

“Why yes of course I am,” Wiolant laughs. “Everybody is. But we must closet our perversions for the good of the people or else their wholesomeness will be undermined and everything will go to shit. It is an opportunity for sacrifice... to do good for society instead of chasing your own individual perversions.”

“Those children are just like you!” Lily exclaims.

“Yes, I was taken from my home by the Owls as a child myself.” Wiolant speaks in a flat and emotionless monotone. “I needed to be taught to control and closet my perversions. If those children in those cells had any worth, they would be educated and trained. We would bring them into the government. But they are just low IQ mouths with either violent or immoral tendencies. If allowed in society, they would grow up to exhibit anti-social behaviors and undermine society and lead to breakdown and a loss of trust. We will harvest their organs. We will do medical testing. We will feed them to livestock and turn their bones into fertilizer. They can not be reared as I was, but they will still be made useful.”

Lily, Bob, and Mike stare at Wiolant speechlessly. Wiolant grins quietly and sips his cup of tea.

“Anyway,” Wiolant resumes speaking with a sigh, “I believe that the Owls can help you return to Minevelt, but it is clear that you must be re-educated. You will go back to Minevelt and improve the deteriorating situation there. Fortunately we have all of the most cutting edge Ludovico equipment on hand.”


Flashback Scene: Bob returns to the trailer where he lives with his mother.
Bob’s Mother: Thanks for the cigarettes baby. I’m sorry I hit you. I love you baby. You’re my good boy.
Bob: Just drink your vodka mom. I’m not in the mood for your lies today. (He lights up a joint and goes back to his video game.)
Bob’s Mother: I got to get ready soon. I’m going out tonight. There’s leftover pizza in the fridge if you get hungry.
Bob: Are you coming home tonight?
Bob’s Mother: What kind of question is that baby? You should stop smoking that reefer. It’s making you paranoid.
Bob: Just don’t bring any more fucking scumbags home with you.
Bob’s Mother: Don’t you lecture me! This is my house!
Bob: If you don’t want blood on your floors, don’t bring any home.
Bob’s Mother (sighs): How come you don’t have any friends you can hang out with? You’re always moping around here by yourself.


Wiolant is leading Bob, Mike and Lily down a hallway accompanied by the two guards. Wiolant is speaking as they walk, in a lecturing tone, his finger pointing to emphasize his points.

“The elite of a society must never be divided against its mass. This is the fundamental flaw of any perverse and corrupt society. The society must prevail. Self-dealing among the elite is the most fundamental way that a society breaks down. Everything must be done for the good of the mass. If the mass is happy, everyone is happy. If the mass trusts their king, they will fight and die for the king, because they know that they are fighting and dying for their children’s future and the future of their people. When the elite abuses that trust…”

Mike makes eye-contact with Bob and something passes between them. Mike suddenly attacks one of the guards and a scuffle ensues, interrupting Wiolant mid-sentence. Mike manages to occupy both guards and Wiolant, while Bob and Lily make a run for it. Wiolant triggers an alarm. Dozens of guards converge to subdue Mike. Mike breaks the neck of two guards in the scuffle while Bob and Lily flee the scene. Finally the guards subdue Mike pinning him down while he continues to try to flail away. The guards manage to handcuff Mike, pinning him to the ground.

Wiolant: Find the other two. Don’t let them get away!

The guards disperse. Wiolant walks down the hallway looking angry accompanied by two guards.

Wiolant: Bring me a small child! Someone is gonna pay for this!


Cut to scene of Bob and Lily ducking into an empty laboratory. The sounds of guards rushing through the hallway can be heard. They duck under a table. A rubber mat obscures them from view. They are quite close to each other under the table. The door opens. Bob puts a finger over his mouth. They look into each other’s eyes as they hear the footsteps and rustling of guards looking through the room. They see a pair of boots inches from where they are. The tension mounts.

Guard 1: Hey I think I found something.
Several guards’ footsteps approach. Their boots are mere inches from where Bob and Lily are cowering under the table.
Guard 2: What is it?
Guard 1: Looks like a nice set of tits doesn’t it?
Laughter is heard. Bob and Lily look terrified.
Guard 2: Stop screwing around. Let’s get out of here. We’ve got to find those two or Wiolant will have our heads.

The guards hurry off, and Bob and Lily heave a sigh of relief. They come out from under the table.

Bob: We’ve got to get out of here.
Lily walks toward the window and opens it.
Lily: Well we’re on the second floor and it looks like the coast is clear.
Bob looks out the window at the moat of green water below.
Lily starts sobbing. “Is this really happening?” she asks quietly between sobs, her emotions suddenly overcoming her.
Bob holds her close. Lily looks up at Bob. She finds his brawn comforting as he holds her and they share an intimate moment.
Bob: We’ll get through this. I promise.
Lily: I believe you.
They kiss. Then they kiss again. They begin to kiss very passionately..
Lily: Wait.
Bob: You’re right. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.
Lily: We need to save Mike.
Bob: I know but how?
Lily: I have a plan.

Flashback Scene: An entire high school class is assembled in the gymnasium. The principal is speaking through a microphone with the chief of police, in uniform, next to him. Bob wearing a trench coat is seen in one of the back rows sitting by himself.

Principal Horner: I will reiterate. The hate crime committed yesterday at this school will not be tolerated. It is evil and we will not tolerate it. Six million human beings died during the holocaust because of that kind of intolerance and hatred. We must never forget. The evil-doer will be found and he will be punished severely. Police Chief Reginald Birch here is personally leading the investigation.

Police Chief Birch takes the microphone and addresses the assembly.

Reginald Birch: Thank you Principal Horner. I just want to reiterate that you are all safe. There is nothing in the world more dangerous than the kind of deranged hate that you have been exposed to. It is evil and there is no place for it in the world today. We will root it out and we will exterminate it. My department will be working around the clock to find this deranged maniac and we are already following several leads. The culprit will be found and he will be shown no mercy.

Principal Horner: Thank you chief. Does anybody have any questions or concerns that they would like to voice today.

Freshman girl: I just want to say that whoever drew that graffiti is a monster. It is appalling! All of my grandparents perished in the holocaust and I heard that the skin of the victims was used to make lampshades and soap! I am like really really offended.

Principal Horner: Thank you young lady, what’s your name?

Freshman Girl: Kelly. Kelly Skinner.

Principal Horner: Thank you Kelly, what a brave rebuttal to the monstrous crime committed here yesterday. We’re a stronger and better community thanks to your bravery.


Cut to Bob and Lily back at the concentration camp. Lily has stripped down to her bra and panties and is distracting two guards dressed in black. Bob sneaks up behind them. He snaps the neck of one, while Lily kicks the other in the testicles. While he is keeled over in pain, Lily chops him in the back of the head, knocking him out cold. She then steps on his windpipe and crushes it.

Bob: Well that worked.
Lily: These evil bastards. Come on let’s change into their uniforms.
Bob eye’s Lily’s body momentarily. “I hope we have a chance to pick up where we left off back there.”
Lily smiles coyly. “Come on, we gotta save Mike.”

Cut to scene of Mike in a room with his eyes being pried open. He is strapped to a chair. A television is showing him psychedelic imagery and strange symbols interspersed with wholesome scenes of happy church going families, men coming home from work to dinner and a smiling wife, children laughing and playing on green lawns, picnics and touch football games, running at the beach. Classical music plays in the background. Suddenly the images on the screen change to a stripper dancing on a pole as the music becomes dissonant and electrical shocks are sent through Mike’s body. The words “whore,” “filth,” and “pervert” flash on the screen during the stripper’s performance.

“You motherfuckers won’t break me!” Mike yells defiantly at the screen in the empty room.

Bob and Lily suddenly kick the door open and break into the room. They both have guns in their hands. The corpses of two guards are just outside the door. Lily and Bob rush over to where Mike is strapped to the chair and untie him. They release the clips that are prying his eyes open.

Mike: Boy am I glad to see you two!
Bob: No time to chat, we don’t have any time to lose. The black-shirts are going to be on us in moments.

They rush out the door and down the hallway. They turn and see guards rushing at them. They fire their weapons and run in the opposite direction. Several of the guards fall dead from gunshot wounds while others shoot at the fleeing prisoners. While shooting and fighting through the hallways, Bob, Mike and Lily make their way back to the laboratory. They rush into the door and lock it. Bob sets up a booby trap on the door wired to some plastic explosives. Meanwhile, Lily tosses a rope tied to a support beam out of the window and begins to climb down. It is dark outside. Bob follows. “You better hurry up Mike.” Mike is just out of the window and begins to climb down when the door opens and an explosion blows a blast through the open window. Mike and Bob and Lily who are all using the rope to climb down the wall begin a free fall as the rope frays from the explosion. All three land with a splash in the moat that surrounds the camp.


Flashback Scene: Bob is smoking a joint on some bleachers by himself when a pretty girl walks over and sits next to him.

Laura: I know it was you.
Bob: You know it was me what?
Laura: That painted that graffiti on the school.
Bob: You’re crazy.
Laura: Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I know you didn’t mean anything by it.
Bob: What’s your name?
Laura: Laura.
Bob: I’m Bob.
Laura: I know, Bob. Maybe you’d like to buy me an ice cream sometime?
Bob: Yeah, yeah I would.
Bob smiles sheepishly at the girl. She looks at him sternly.
Laura: You need to get your act together Bob. No more pot. No more bullying.
Bob: Yeah why’s that?
Laura: Ekklesia Bob.
Bob: What? What did you say?
Laura: I said I don’t like it Bob.
Bob: Oh.
Laura: So shape up Bob. And who knows? Maybe we’ll have more than ice cream.
She winks. Then Laura pats Bob’s knee and gets up and walks away. Bob watches her ass as she walks away. He takes one last puff on his joint and then throws it away.


Cut to Bob, Lily and Mike emerging from the moat. They are soaking wet.

Bob: Are you guy’s ok?
Mike: I’ll live.
Lily: Just a little dinged up but I’m ok.

Suddenly two trucks come to a screeching halt 30 feet away. About two dozen autistics emerge from the trucks and begin to swarm. Bob and Lily try to fire their weapons, but they are either empty or have been damaged in the fall and don’t fire anymore. A melee ensues. Bob, Lily, and Mike fight hand to hand with the autistics, throwing punches and snapping necks and crushing windpipes. Mike fights his way to one of the trucks and gets behind the wheel and starts the engine. He backs over a couple of autistics and calls for Bob and Lily. They hop in the back of the truck and Mike speeds off. The remaining autistics hop in the other truck and begin to give chase. There is a high speed chase through traffic. Police cruisers join the autistics in the chase and begin firing guns at the truck Mike is driving. They make their way back to the Vimana and come to a screeching halt. Gordon and Oscar descend from the Vimana with their weapons drawn. They fire on the police and autistics as Bob, Mike and Lily race back to the Vimana. All five of them re-ascend into the Vimana together.

Cut to scene inside of the Vimana.

Oscar: Aww sheeeeit. It’s happening again.
Mike: We got to get out of here!
Bob: Did you guys figure anything out?
Gordon: Not really, but I think we should try this button. Gordon says pointing at a button with a triad symbol.
Mike: I fucking hope this works!
Bob presses the button.
Oscar: There’s no place like home muthafuckas!

The screen lights up and then goes black.



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Der kostbarste Besitz auf dieser Welt aber ist das eigene Volk! Wir werden euch begraben.”

“It’s worse than we ever could have imagined.”

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