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Episode One: The Bilderberg Hotel

Black screen with white type: "In August of 2015, five marines on a scout mission in a classified location in Afghanistan disappeared without a trace. Search missions and rescue teams discovered their food and equipment deep within an undisclosed cave. Their bodies were never found. This is their story."

The following events are completely true and all of the characters are real. None of this is fiction. You can Google it if you want.

In pitch black darkness, five marines squeeze, single file, through a narrow cave in Afghanistan. They are Lieutenant Robert Dodd, aka “Bob,” the commanding officer; Mike, a bitterly sarcastic Marine Gunner from Arizona; Lily, the young 20-year-old doe-eyed blonde beauty; Oscar, the jive-talking comedic African-American; and Gordon the spectacled technological officer. Their flashlights and light vision goggles afford them what little visibility is available to them.

Oscar: “Sheeeit. It sho is dark in this muthafucka. I can’t even see myself!"
Bob: “Shhh. We’ve got to stay alert.”
Oscar: “Aww hell. They ain’t shit in this cave like they ain’t been shit in any of these caves. What the hell we clowning around here fo anyway?”
Bob: “Cease the chatter soldier,” Bob commands.
Mike: “Yeah man, one thing I could use in this dark cave is some peace and quiet. I’m getting over-stimulated here."
Oscar: “I know what stimulating you horndog with that flashlight shined on that blonde bitch’s ass.”
Lily: “Excuse me?”
Mike: “Sorry toots, I can’t help myself. I’m an animal.” Mike responds as his flashlight beam roams over her tight and compact posterior.
Gordon: “Everyone shut the fuck up! I found something!”

Rumbling is heard, as Gordon clears away some rocks and debris, and squeezes his way through a narrow opening through which a bright light is emerging. The four other marines follow him one by one through the opening. They find themselves in a well-lit cavern. Sanskrit drawings and strange symbols cover the walls. Two glass covered skylights are embedded in the ceiling.

“The fuck is this shit?” Oscar asks.
“These etching are ancient, and yet that’s a very modern skyline,” Gordon offers.
“Are those…  swastikas?” Lily asks uncertainly.

Suddenly a great rumbling is heard behind the awed and dazzled Marines, and the ceiling above the entrance to the cavern collapses and traps them inside.

“Aw Fuck no! What we gone do now?” Oscar calls out throwing his hands in the air.


Flashback Scene: Captioned: “Oosterbeek, Netherlands. Summer 2001.” Colonel Maximilian Birch, a burley grey haired Marine with big fuzzy eyebrows, sallow skin and long jowls is meeting with Karl Donitz, a tall, lean and handsome scientist; and Abraham Rothschild, a portly and elderly man wearing spectacles. He has sharp features including a big beak of a nose. He is also bald but for the dark grey hair forming a horseshoe around his head and a salt-and-pepper beard. Smoke wafts from the tips of cigars and hangs heavy in the room

"We have reliable information that Al Quaeda is planning a major attack for early September sir, Colonel Birch speaks solemnly, and then puffs his cigar with an air of authority, before picking up his tumbler of Scotch and ice and taking a healthy taste.

“How major?” Rothschild asks.

“Pretty fuckin big. They plan on hijacking four planes and flying them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and one into the statue of liberty.”

Rothschild chuckles, “the Statue of Liberty. Those superstitious clowns. Are you sure it’s reliable?”

“We have names and flight numbers sir,” Birch takes another sustained sip from his tumbler of Scotch.

Abraham Rothschild rubs his hand together excitedly. “This could be it then.”

“There is one problem. My men tell me that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. It may not be big enough. We need both buildings to collapse. We can’t risk another USS Cole.” Birch finished off his Scotch, and then put the cigar back in his mouth as he made his way over to the bar to refresh his drink.

Abrahman Rothschild paused, momentarily. He took a long draw on his own cigar. “We’ll just have to make sure those towers collapse then. You know what to do.” He took another puff on his cigar, and looked pointedly at Karl Donitz. “And you’re sure it’s in Afghanistan?”

“Yes sir. We’ve gotten new information out of Roswell. I think we’ve really found it this time.” Karl Donitz, spoke confidently, and without accent. He had come to the United States from Germany after World War II as a part of Operation Paperclip, a top secret government operation, in which Nazi scientists were smuggled into America for their technical knowledge. He had not appeared to age at all in the intervening fifty odd years. He looked all of the forty three years of age he had claimed to be when he had first immigrated.

“Good. Because we’ve already wasted over 50 years in Palestine,” Rothschild said with his grin half-corrupted by the cigar held between his teeth.

“At least they were only human years sir,” Donitz responded with a smirk.

All three men then laughed heartily. For a brief moment, their eyes glowed and turned Reptilian before resuming their human form.


Four of the five marines, using their spelunking tools are trying to dig through the rock walls of the cavern. Mike, was in the center of the cavern with a spade, digging at a spot where a beam of light from a small previously unnoticed hole in the ceiling, shone on the dirt floor.

“Mike, why are you digging in the center of the room?” Lieutenant Dodd demands.
“Call it a hunch.”
“Well if you ever want to get out of this cave, I think you should help us dig through this rock here Mike.”
Mike’s spade clangs against something metal in the dirt in response. Mike laughs arrogantly, “You sure about that hefe?”

The other four marines came over and help Mike clear the dirt away to reveal a bronze-colored metallic hatch. The marines, on their hands and knees, sit back on their haunches and eye their discovery.

Lily: You think we should open it?
Mike: What do you think is inside?
Gordon: What is it made of? It looks like some kind of copper alloy I’ve never seen before.
Oscar: Sheeit. It’s probably some shriveled up old dead pharoah. Don’t open it man. I don’t wanna deal with no mummy’s curse shit.
Bob: This isn’t Egypt.
Oscar: What about all dem heiroglyphics? I’m tellin you. This shit is cursed man..
Gordon: (laughs) Curses aren’t real Oscar.
Oscar: Bullllll-sheeeeit! Muthafucka. You don’t know that!
Mike: What do you say Lieutenant? Do we open it?
Bob: Of course we open it. We knew that all along.This is why we’re here.
Oscar: Awww sheeeeit. Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Mike lurches forward and steps down and turns the wheel on the door and begins to slowly pull it back.
Oscar: This a bad fucking idea. I’m tellin you!

A bright blinding light fills the room as Mike pulls the door fully open. The light overpowers everything visible, until there is nothing but that bright pulsating light. The sound of the door being slammed shut is heard and slowly the light evaporates. The material world comes into view again. The cavern is empty.  


Flashback Scene. Captioned: “Pentagon. Summer 2015.Lieutenant Robert Dodd enters the office of Colonel Maximillian Birch. Birch rises from his desk to greet Bob. In response to Lieutenant Dodd’s salute, Colonel Birch offers his hand, and Bob shakes it.

“Lieutenant, we have assembled a team for you to lead into Afghanistan. We’ve done careful research and carefully chosen and constructed this team. Here are the dossiers.” He hands Bob four green folders with names neatly typed: Michael Murphy, Marine Gunner; Lily Drommen, Private First Class; Oscar McCombs, Lance Corporal; and Gordon Brodsky, Warrant Officer. Bob idly flips through the files, examining photos and biographic details.
“Now I want you to understand that your ostensible mission is not in fact your priority. We’re looking for something Lieutenant. The nature of which is extremely classified. We’ve been trying to ascertain its exact location,” Colonel Birch continued.
Bob: May I ask what it is exactly sir?
Birch: I can’t say, but when you find it, you will know. This is a very dangerous mission, Lieutenant, but it is a very important mission. Something very important is hidden in those caves.
Bob: What am I to do when I find it sir?
Birch: You speak to me directly. Keep it out of your official reports. Do not do anything with it. Just let me know where it is. In person. Face to face.
Bob: Yes sir.
“Thank you Lieutenant.”
“Thank you Colonel.”
As Bob walks toward the door, the phone rings and Colonel Birch answers it. “Yes.” He says sharply into the phone.
“Good,” The Colonel continues after a pause. “What? What about the vaccines?”
Bob lingers just outside the door for a moment.
“Dammit! We need more autistics!”


The five marines find themselves lying in a small compartment with panels of flashing lights and strange symbols with panels of knobs and buttons. They are dazed, having lost consciousness briefly, and confused as to where they are and how they got there. The marines slowly gain their bearings one by one. They stand up and look around the compartment. They take in all of the strange flashing lights and panels of unknown significance.

“What the hell just happen?”Oscar asks, wide-eyed touching himself as if to make sure his body is still there.
“I don’t know man,” Gordon says brushing dirt off of his uniform. “This is the craziest thing I have ever seen.”

Mike: Where the hell are we?
Oscar: That was some crazy shit whatever that was.

“Look at this.” Bob says, his eyes narrow and alert. He looks at his subordinates calmly and with intelligence, seemingly unfazed.
The marines gather around a box at the edge of the compartment. It is attached from above to a series of chains and pulleys.
“What am I looking at?” Mike asks.
“I think… it’s an elevator.” Gordon replies, his jaw wide open, his eyes like saucers.

The crew exchange glances with each other

Oscar: Aww hell no. Every time you find something shit just gets more crazy. I’m done.
Bob: You’re right.
Oscar: What? I am?
Bob: You and Gordon should stay here. We don’t know what’s going to happen when we get on that elevator, and we might need you to help us get back.
Oscar: Man I wish you came up with that idea before we got in this mess.
Bob: If we find our way back to safety, we’ll come back for you. In the meantime, you and Gordon can try to figure out what all this stuff does.
Gordon: How are we supposed to do that?
Mike: I thought you were some kind of computer expert?
Gordon: You think these are computers?
Mike: How the hell should I know?
Bob: Good luck men. Stay here. Be safe. Mike, Lily, Let’s roll.
Mike rolls his eyes, “let’s roll?”

Mike, Bob, and Lily get on the platform. They pause and look around while nothing happens. Lily spots a button and presses it. They begin to slowly descend.


Flashback Scene: Bob at seventeen years old descends an elevator by himself. He fidgets with his hands as the elevator finishes its slow descent. His eyes are red and moist. The elevator bounces as it comes to a stop and the door opens. Bob sighs. He walks down a long corridor. He feels nervous and timid as he pauses before a door. He turns the knob and enters.

He sees a man and a woman, both middle-aged, crying over a motionless girl laying in a hospital bed.
The woman stands up pointing a finger at Bob. “You get the hell out of here!” She shrieks. A long bony finger with red fingernail polish points at Bob’s face. Bob’s face is filled with anguish and fear.


A crowd of people gather around a flying saucer in a corn-field. They are normal, wholesome looking people. It is a group of three or four families. A man is holding a pitchfork. Children hide behind their mother’s aprons. A priest stands among them smiling, a crucifix with three interlocking triangles at the top is held tight in his right hand. They stare at the flying saucer eagerly and watch as three figures slowly descend from the bottom of the craft. A gasp rises from the crowd as Bob, Mike, and Lily emerge from the flying saucer. They reach the bottom and stand on dirt and crumbled corn stalks. There is a heavy pause as the marines stare at the people who have gathered around them. A man named Heinrich breaks the silence.

“Hello Aliens!” He smiles with enthusiasm and friendliness.
“Welcome!” His wife Gretchen continues. “We baked you a pie!” She holds up a tin with a warm apple pie inside as a gesture of friendliness, like a woman might offer a new neighbor.

Bob, Mike and Lily exchange glances. Horrified expressions blanket their faces.

“What the fuck did we get ourselves into?” Mike asks.


Flashback Scene: At a high high school halloween party, teenagers in masks are dancing and laughing. Music is playing and everyone is having fun. Hundreds of students fill an auditorium. Two girls in dresses giggle and turn away from a boy. Another boy is leading a girl by the arm across the room. Couples are dancing. One boy is break-dancing in the middle of a crowd of onlookers.

One by one, the partiers begin grabbing at their throats and vomiting up blood before seizuring and then dying. Until one figure in an alien mask is left standing, alone, by himself, surrounded by corpses of teenagers in Halloween masks.

He pulls off the mask to reveal Mike as a teenager. He glances around in horror.


The three Marines begin to interact with the townsfolk who had gathered around the flying saucer. Lily holds the pie. They sit at some picnic tables with lemonade and Heinrich is flipping some hot-dogs on a grill.

Gretchen: It sure is neat that women on your planet go travelling through space. But I guess the men do need someone to cook them some nice meals on those long missions.
Lily: Actually on our planet women can do anything a man can do. Women can even be president if they want.
Gretchen: Oh well. That just sounds terrible. We tried something like that once but it just didn’t work out. Everything just fell apart. It lead to rampant drug use and crime and just general depravity. But that’s ancient history.
Lily, Bob and Mike exchange glances.
“Well I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore huh?” Mike says leaning back in his chair with a curdled grin on his face.
Heinrich: What? No actually you are! You’re in Lawrence, Kansas!
Mike: No shit? What are the odds?
Heinrich: What do you mean?
Bob: There’s actually a place called Lawrence, Kansas where we come from… back on earth.
The townsfolk murmur and exchange glances.
Gretchen: Uh this is earth.
Lily, Bob and Mike exchange glances. They are speechless with their mouths open forming little o’s.
“You’re from Minevelt aren’t you?” Heinrich asks breaking the silence. “That’s where the last alien to visit was from according to the history books. A real nice guy. Very animated. He taught us a lot.”
“Are you fucking shitting me?” Mike scoffs.
“I don’t know what that expression means,” Gretchen says brightly, “but it sure sounds lively! Bless your heart!”
Heinrich finishes grilling up the hamburgers and hotdogs, and upon making sure everyone had their meal in front of them, he leads the assembled group in prayer. “Lord Wotan, thank you for the food you have blessed us with today, and thank you for the blessing of sending us these aliens. We trust you to provide what is best for us Lord, and we humbly ask forgiveness for our failings. We thank you for all of our blessings and ask only for your guidance to lead us to righteousness. May we be ever more wholesome, just, and good. Thy will be done Lord.”
The entire congregation of townsfolk then said “amen” in unison.
“Well eat up guys,” Heinrich said to the Marines. “You must be hungry after your trip. You can rest up up at the house with us tonight. I’m sure you’ll want to leave for DC tomorrow to meet the king, and convey your message from the gods.”


Flashback Scene: In front of a Christmas tree in their living room, college-aged Oscar argues with his parents.
“Fuck you dad! I’m never going back.”
“You’re ruining Christmas!” His mother wails, “Why are you doing this?” She is thin and well dressed in an oversized white cashmere sweater and expensive black jersey leggings. She wears a large diamond wedding ring and an expensive gold necklace. Oscar’s father is wearing Brook’s Brother’s slacks with a polo shirt, and a Rolex on his left wrist.
“Why don’t you give up this silliness Oscar!” His father barks.
“You’re so fucking stupid! Why can’t I do what I want with my life? You’re fucking terrible parents.”
“At least we can function Oscar!” his mother says.
“Fuck you!” comes out of Oscar’s mouth in a slowed down warble and the entire scene begins to move in slow motion as Oscar slowly turns. “I hate you! I never want to see you again!”
He slams the door behind him.There is a picture on the wall. It is a black disk with an orange center and a rainbow of colors flaring from the edges.


Cut to Oscar and Gordon in the spaceship. They are looking at panels of buttons and monitors. There are strange pictures etched into the ship as well.

Oscar: Sheeeit man! How we sposed to figure this shit out?
Gordon: I don’t know man. This shit is pretty esoteric. Who knows what any of this stuff does?
Oscar: Wait. That symbol right there. I know what that is.
Gordon: This one?
Oscar: Sheeeit son! Thass tha muthafucking black sun.
Gordon: The black sun? What do you mean?
Oscar: Listen man when we wuz kangs n sheeeit back in Egypt. We harnessed the power of the black sun... like astral light n sheeit... and we ruled over everything and built pyramids an sheeit until the white devil came and stole that shit from us. Made us pick cotton. Sheeeit.
Gordon: Really?
Oscar: No man. That’s some crackpot shit. Erryone know dat. But sheeit man. That’s it though. The muthafucking black sun.


At Heinrich and Gretchen’s house, Bob, Mike, and Lilly meet their three children. They have two young boys Gustav and Walter and their older sister Hedwig, who is in high school. They are all modestly, yet proudly dressed, and the family, once assembled appear like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Gretchen is helping Gustav with his homework at the dinner table. While Heinrich reclines in his favorite chair and smokes his pope contentedly. Bob, Mike, and Lily sit on a couch opposite Heinrich, while Walter and Hedwig sit side by side on the piano bench off to the side, playing a lively number on the piano together. There is a fine-looking television, but it isn’t on. As the children finish playing a tune on the piano, Heinrich and the three Marines applaud politely.

“Wow! That was a real fun tune!” Heinrich says enthusiastically. “I sure enjoyed it! I’m proud of you kids.”
“Thanks Paw.” Walter says. The two children smile and blush slightly.
“Tommy asked me to the school dance next week,” Hedwig says, “I sure am excited. My first school dance!” She lets out an excited sigh and smiles widely. Her bright blues and perfect teeth glow brightly.
“I don’t know if I’ve met this young man Hedy,” Heinrich says. “Tell me a little about this boy.”
“Oh well he’s just the dreamiest. He’s so nice. And he’s smart too!”
“Oh he is is he?” Heinrich looks at his daughter suspiciously.
“I met him while volunteering at the nursing home. He’s got A’s in all his classes and he’s going to go to Harvard next year!”
“So he’s an older boy huh?”
“Oh Heinrich,” Gretchen breaks in from the dinner table interrupting the tutoring she is giving to Gustav. “Stop giving Hedy a hard time. You know perfectly well he’s a nice boy!”
“Well I suppose so. But a father can never be too careful.” Heinrich says with a proud smirk, and a wink at his three guests.
Hedwig: So I can go! Oh yay! I can’t wait to pick out a new dress to wear.

She hops off of the piano bench and runs up the flight of stairs. Gustav, having completed his homework joins his brother on the piano bench.

“How were the football tryouts Walt?” Heinrich asks his son.
“They were a lot of fun, Paw. I think I have a pretty good chance to make the team.”
“That’s great son, but you make sure your studies don’t suffer. Athletics are a big commitment, but your education comes first.”
“Yes sir!”
“Now why don’t you and Gustav run up to bed!” Heinrich says.
“But Dad! It’s so early!” The two brothers say in unison.
“Listen to your father boys,” Gretchen scolds. “You know he knows best.”
“Yes ma’am.” the boys speak again in unison.
“I’ll race ya,” Gustav calls to his brother. “Last one up the stairs is a filthy degenerate!”
The two boys loudly run up the stairs laughing and smiling.

Lily: You have a very nice family.
Gretchen: Thank you very much. A good strong family is the building block of a wholesome society.
“Yes.That is something you have taught us.” Heinrich pronounced, studiously puffing on his pipe. “It takes a good husband and a loving supportive wife raising wholesome children to create a productive society of happy and fulfilled people.”

“Well that sure is something.” Lily said. She makes eye-contact with Bob, and they look at each other uncertainly.


Flashback Scene: High school aged Lily is at a funeral. She is next to a tombstone and fresh grave and is talking to a boy. She is dressed in a black dress and her makeup is smeared from crying.

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” Lily says.
“It’s all our fault.” The boy says. He is a tall and gangly but handsome boy. His eyes are wet with tears.
Lily hugs him. “Don’t say that. Please don’t say that.”
The boy pulls away from her. “I need to think,” he says.
Lily wailing, “please don’t leave me alone. I need you.”
“We killed him Lily!” He snaps. “It’s all our fault! Can’t you see that?”
“Please,” Lilly begs, tears running down her face. “I don’t want to be alone. Please!”
She breaks down crying, her face contorting into ugly shapes as it starts raining. The boy runs away across the cemetery, raindrops splashing down.


While his wife waits in bed, Heinrich sneaks into his den and puts his eye up to a peep-hole. On the other side of the peep-hole, he watches Lily undress. He devours, with his eyes, her lithe and supple young body as she strips down to white silk undergarments. He watches as she removes her bra and her young taut gravity defying breasts with bright pink nipples come into view. He imagines himself suckling at them, and feeling her young body. Lily, not knowing she was being watched, innocently examines herself in the mirror. She holds her breasts and slowly rubs lotion all over herself. Heinrich takes a leather belt and ties it around his neck pulling it tight until veins become visible and his head turns purple as he masturbates.

Meanwhile Gustav and Walter are lying in their bunkbeds in the dark unable to fall asleep.
“I can’t sleep Walt.”
“Me neither Gus.”
“Should we count sheep?”
“No that’s dumb.”
Hedwig suddenly opens the door and steps into the room.
Hedwig: What are you guys still doing up?
Gustav: We can’t sleep.
Hedwig: Well you better go to bed or the murmurers are going to come and take you away.
Walter and Gustav: Nuh uh. No way!
Hedwig: Yes they will. The murmurers come and take all the bad children.
Walter: Stop scaring Gustav! You know he’s a scaredy cat.
Gustav: Nuh uh! You are!
Walter: They won’t get me. I’m not a degenerate.
Gustav: I’m not either!
Hedwig: Ok. Ok. Goodnight guys. Don’t forget to say your prayers.
Gustav and Walter: Goodnight Hedy.
Gustav and Walter begin praying: Dear Lord Wotan…


Flashback Scene: Gordon is in a jail cell by himself. He is eighteen. He is in his senior year of high school and is supposed to graduate in two months. A guard leads Karl Donitz to the door of the the cell. The guard unlocks it and opens it. Karl Donitz steps inside and stands across from Gordon.

Gordon: Who are you?
Donitz: I’m the man who can get you out of this mess.


Cut to the Bob, Mike and Lily. It is early in the morning the next day. They are in the garage at Heinrich’s house talking together.

Lily: This place is frigging weird.
Mike: Weird isn’t even the right word for it toots. I feel like I stepped into an alternate universe where everyone is a character from Leave it to Beaver.
Bob: Do you think so?
Lily: I really think I might lose it guys. I think I’m losing my mind.
Bob put his hand on Lily’s shoulder. “Just try to keep it together. We’ll get out of this. We’ll get back home.”
Mike: How we gonna do that? Call the Wizard of Oz?
Lily: We should go back to the ship. We should see if Gordon and Oscar have figured anything out.
Bob: What about the king? He might be able to help us.
Mike: Why would the king know anything? Why would anybody?
Bob: This place has been visited by people from our world before. Those people knew what they were doing. If anybody here knows anything, it’s the king.
Mike:  I say we’re fucked. I say we go back to the ship and try to get the fuck out of here.
Lily: I agree with Mike, Bob.


Flashback scene: High school aged Lily is at a funeral. She is next to a tombstone and fresh grave and is talking to a boy. She is dressed in a black dress and her makeup is smeared from crying.

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” Lily says.

“It’s all our fault.” The boy says. He is a tall and gangly but handsome boy. His eyes are wet with tears.
Lily hugs him. “Don’t say that. Please don’t say that.”
The boy pulls away from her. “I need to think,” he says.
Lily wailing, “please don’t leave me alone. I need you.”
“We killed him Lily!” He snaps. “It’s all our fault! Can’t you see that?”
“Please,” Lilly begs, tears running down her face. “I don’t want to be alone. Please!”
She breaks down crying, her face contorting into ugly shapes as it starts raining. The boy runs away across the cemetary, raindrops splashing down.

Bob: There’s something you guys don’t know.
Mike: What? What haven’t you told us?

Just then an army of autistics appears and traps them in the garage. The autistics force the three of them into the back of a truck and tie them up. The autistics keep repeating the same word over and over again. “Ekklesia.” The truck speeds off.


“FRAYED” [White type on black screen]

On the next episode of FRAYED

“Sheeeit it’s happening again!”

“Every happy and healthy society that has ever existed has shielded its people from the ugly things that have to be done to preserve that society.”

“You Murdered a fucking CHILD!”

“It is terrible isn’t it? But I have to confess… I kind of enjoy it.”

“We’re gonna have to bust out.”

“I fucking hope this works!”

“There’s no place like home muthafuckas.”

Episode Two: "The Owls Are Not What They Seem"

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